Northern Virginia Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Reston VA, Great Falls Virginia Stress Relief, Massage Reston Virginia, Pregnancy Massage Herndon VA
Northern Virginia Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Reston VA, Great Falls Virginia Stress Relief, Massage Reston Virginia, Pregnancy Massage Herndon VA
Northern Virginia Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Reston VA, Great Falls Virginia Stress Relief, Massage Reston Virginia, Pregnancy Massage Herndon VA
Northern Virginia Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Reston VA, Great Falls Virginia Stress Relief, Massage Reston Virginia, Pregnancy Massage Herndon VA
Northern Virginia Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Reston VA, Great Falls Virginia Stress Relief, Massage Reston Virginia, Pregnancy Massage Herndon VA

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Northern Virginia Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue Reston VA, Great Falls Virginia Stress Relief, Massage Reston Virginia, Pregnancy Massage Herndon VA

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"We have been clients of Victor Mettler and “A Touch of Health” massage for many years and have found him to be consistently one of the best massage therapists we have ever used. Victor is very sensitive to the needs of his clients and is invariably able to provide just the right touch, whether the issue is a particular stretched muscle or tendon, overall stiffness, localized pain, or just general relaxation. His location at the Reston YMCA is also very convenient, and his website allows for appointments to be made and changed on line. We are confident that anyone who tries Victor’s services will be as impressed with him as we have been."

— Jim & Suzi J.

"I am a lap swimmer at the YMCA, and work out with a personal trainer there who recommended Victor to me as part of a regular health and fitness routine. Victor is a great therapist; he always asks what needs work, and he adjusts his pressure according to my requests. I have been going to victor for 1 1/2 years. He helped me to recover from major neck surgery that left me with acute shoulder pain. He understands the musculature and is able to identify which supporting muscles affect a painful area. I see Victor regularly now to ease the aches and pains of osteo-arthritis. When nothing else helps I can count on a Victor massage to make a positive difference when dealing with its chronic pain."

— Liz H.

"Easily the BEST place for a massage in NoVA. I've been coming here for 14 years, and I can honestly tell you I go nowhere else. Victor is beyond amazing-he takes the time to get to know and understand your body and what your body feels like under stress. Don't come here if you want some nonsense lemon water and a robe...come here if you need a GREAT (and reasonably priced) sports massage. You will NOT be disappointed and you will continue to come back."

— Ant B.

"Best massage in town-hands down! I've been getting massages here for years and every therapist I've seen has been professional and every massage has exceeded my expectations. They are great at listening and working with your particular needs. The knowledge of the therapists and quality of the massage is far superior to other places. Scheduling is easy online or over the phone. I highly recommend A Touch of Health!"

— Alanna A.

"The staff are very intuitive and know exactly how to make me feel completely relaxed. They are very professional, friendly, and provide a great service and overall experience. All my experiences at A Touch of Health have been extremely satisfying."

— Edward B.

"I have been going here for years. This is not a spa experience, but a truly therapeutic massage for athletes or anyone who wants to work with a massage therapist to address problems and maintain good health. The staff are professional and experienced."

— Heather B.

"I have been receiving massages at A Touch of Health at the Reston YMCA for many years. The staff has always been very professional and attentive to my particular needs. I highly recommend A Touch of Health."

— Denise R.

"I started going to A Touch of Health about 6 years ago for help with an arthritic shoulder. Through massage I have increased my range of motion. Regular massage--every two weeks--helps me maintain my range of motion. The therapists at Touch of Health know the different issues I have (face it, we all have cricks, crunchies, and aches as we age), and make my massage very personal and tailored to my needs. In the winter months I especially appreciate the heated pad on the massage table! Regular therapeutic massage at A Touch of Health has improved the quality of my life and I highly recommend it."

— Leslie I.

"I have had massage by many therapists, and Vic is one of the best! He is gentle, knowledgeable, informative, and truly concerned with the patient and outcome. It is amazing to me that I could be in so much pain one minute and, with seemingly little effort, be pain-free the next. If you need a great massage, see Vic at Touch of Health!"

— Sean M.

"Twice now I have come to Victor for help with my back issues. Both times I have walked out feeling fantastic! When I went in I could only turn about 1/8 of the way around when driving and looking over my shoulder. But, when I left I had full mobility and could turn around easily with no strain or pain! What a miracle worker he is. Highly recommend the folks at A Touch of Health."

— Kelli S.

"I started going to A Touch of Health when I injured my shoulder. The staff was professional and knew how to help me. I recommended them to my family. I appreciate all of the staff that work there. I find that it is easy to sign up for sessions and the location is excellent. I highly recommend A Touch of Health."

— Wolf R.

"As a competitive swimmer, I cannot overstate the importance of taking care of the physical aspects of the body, not to mention the mental state. My massage therapist, Stephanie Zahora, knows very well how to relax the body and mind. Much needed therapy."

— Raj

"I have been receiving weekly massage from Victor since 1997. I suffer from emphysema and appreciate the relief it brings me. I believe it boosts my immune system, increases circulation, as well as creates additional space for breathing. I have received massage all my life and cannot imagine a week without it."

— John R.

"I have been a client of Victor’s since 1998 and have nothing but praise for his expertise as my massage therapist. When he established his practice at the Reston YMCA a couple of years later, I followed him there and have always received the very best in care from any of his massage therapists. At the end of a session, I ALWAYS leave feeling relaxed and stress-free – it’s amazing how quickly a session passes. For me, massage therapy has become a routine part of my overall health-maintenance program and I look forward to every visit!"

— Carl J.

"I have been a client of A Touch of Health for nine years! Victor and all his associates are very professional partners in health and balance. Creating the experience and adjusting to my needs have been crucial. While there have been times when I had to receive a massage elsewhere, it was always great to get back to the therapists who knows you best and will work with your present needs. Most of this nine-year span I have used Victor’s services at least every two weeks and mostly on a weekly basis. During therapy after a car accident, massage therapy proved crucial to recovery. They listen and help to make each experience unique and meaningful."

— Claudia S.

"In 2001 I broke my right hip and needed a partial hip replacement. After the operation my hip was always tender and I was not able to lie on my right side. About a year after the surgery I went to Victor at A Touch of Health. I went initially to treat tightness in my neck thinking that the soreness from my hip surgery was just something I had to live with. Victor listened very carefully as I described my “issues” and explained to me how he could help. It took only a few appointments with Victor before my hip started to feel much better and I was able to lie on my right side again.

I have been seeing Victor regularly since that first appointment and the benefits have been invaluable. Victor always asks me how I am doing and whether I have any particular areas that need work. He is very careful to personalize my massage to address those areas.

On the occasion that Victor is not available I have also received massages from several of his therapists. All have been very professional and I have enjoyed my sessions with them. My husband has also become a loyal client at A Touch of Health.

I would highly recommend Victor and his staff at A Touch of Health."

— Sandy C.

"I have been getting regular massages with Stephanie at A Touch of Health for about ten years. Massage reduces the stress my body takes home from work every day--even when I don't feel the stress emotionally, my body is definitely affected. When I first started with massage, I had a muscle spasm in my neck that prevented me from turning my head without pain. Stress continues to trigger that pain occasionally, and massage helps me manage it. In fact, I can relax anytime just by thinking about the serene setting at A Touch of Health and the soothing effects of the massage.

More recently, I underwent treatment for cancer, during which I developed unexplained nerve damage to my shoulder that completely emaciated the muscles. I was unable to lift my arm and the neurologist gave me a pessimistic prognosis for recovery. I truly believe that the power of regular massage, through both the muscle work and the overall relaxation, gave my body the strength to recover completely in a short time. Massage has become an integral factor for my well-being."

— Debbie H.

"Stephanie is GREAT! I have multiple sclerosis and have been seeing her for years. She has “healing” hands that not only relax tight muscles, but brings healing to the whole body. I highly recommend her."


"I have been going to A Touch of Health for deep tissue massage for over 3 years now. I work long hours in front of a computer on a daily basis, my shoulders and neck were in constant pain. Now, I look forward to my bi-weekly appointment for therapeutic massage and always feel RESTORED afterwards. The way I describe how I feel after my massage is, “a total detailing of my body”. It is as though I am having each bolt and nut unscrewed, cleaned, lubricated and then reattached. The deep tissue massage addresses tendons and layers of muscles and tissue. When the pressure is applied and released, I am relieved of all the daily stress, tension and pain. The most benefit I receive, in addition to feeling renewed and relaxed is that my shoulder and neck pain is gone. My shoulder and neck still get tense on occasion but I do not experience the extreme pain that I used to bear for many years."

— Gloria C.







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